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Kids furniture, educational award winning toys and games - age appropriate, brought to you by Donna Goodman, M.A. in Education and Beauty For Ashes

Educational games and toys

Award winning educational toys and games for kids and children of all ages
We offer the best in quality for elite educational furniture, toys, board games, colorful puzzles, toddler and preschool educational toys, and activity centers.
  Is this beginning to sound like educational play?
Play, indeed, combined with some very serious Educational Resources and advanced learning tools!  We offer a very focused and unique kind of learning mixed with fun that involves the higher development of neurological pathways children utilize for reasoning, and higher level thinking throughout their lifetime!  We provide you with a large assortment of very high quality educational toys, children's furniture, preschool games, toddler games, and many other age appropriate educational toys and games to choose from which will form a solid foundation for your children’s education.
Education and learning become fun for everyone involved as we lift children to a higher level of interactive learning here at A Child's Toy! 

We offer special discounts for larger orders, be sure to give us a call to maximize your options!

Kids furniture and desks

Let your children learn in comfort with the kids furniture that fit their little bodies from Wild Zoo Furniture!

Today's pre-schoolers and grade-schoolers live in a different world.  Unfortunately, much of that world is too big. That's why Wild Zoo's line of patented computer furniture is built with kids in miwild zoo preschool desknd. Our child-sized desks can be easily modified to grow as your children do. Our buddy desk has a bench-seat built for two.

Our coordinating play tables complete the playroom set.


Because today’s children need more than just computer!

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