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Award Winning Kid's Toys, Colorful Puzzles, Educational Fun Centers and age appropriate furniture for your children.
Award Winning Kid's Toys, Colorful Puzzles, and Fun Centers. Is this beginning to sound like play? Play, indeed, combined with some very serious learning! A unique kind of learning which involves the development of neurological pathways children utilize for reasoning and higher level thinking. Skills that your children will use throughout an entire lifetime! Learning becomes fun for all with toys that entertain and educate here at A Childs Toy! Enter the land of Special teaching tools and aids, award winning toys, educational puzzles, classic toys, science toys, activity center toys, doctor’s office and lobby toys, pretend play furniture, roller coaster toys, magnetic fun toys, and the latest news and reviews on toys.

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1. Baby Items (1)
2. Bedding and Beds (0)
3. Books (1)
4. Clothing and Shoes (0)
5. Educational Games (1)
  • 1. Award Winning kids games that educate and entertain the whole family with an extensive line of teacher resources, school supplies, and educational furniture and carpets.
    Offering a wide variety of teacher resources that support the whole child far beyond just the classroom walls, is what we strive for here at AGame2Teach.com! We bring you teaching resources and school supplies as diverse as kids themselves, everything from the highest quality playground equipment and furniture for the classroom to educational games, reading, phonics, spelling, language arts, math and science games and activities. We also offer the best teacher resources for early childhood and preschool activities, and the highest quality kids and baby bedding, and kids furniture available today. We also carefully select and review live feeds of educational news content as well as information regarding current issues and trends that impact your child's world.
6. Furniture and Decor (0)
7. Gifts (1)
8. Inspirational Corner (1)
  • 1. The most unique Christian, Messianic, and Jewish gift botique of inspirational laser engraved gifts you will find anywhere!
    We are a Christian and Messianic unique gifts boutique with very unusual handcrafted laser engraved biblical scripture and inspirational gifts. We laser engrave Biblical art, and scripture on a wide variety of exotic materials such as various woods, marble, etched glass, and a whole host of other items. We offer free personalization of all our items. Our specialty is inspirational gifts, such as an engraved ten commandments on marble. We will add a line to any gift you purchase to personalize it for you at no extra cost. We also design, and create very unique customized inspirational gifts from scratch. For instance, a wedding picture engraved upon black marble, a sonogram of an unborn child laser engraved upon black marble, address plaques, wood plaques engraved with your favorite Bible Scripture, and much more.
9. Language Arts (1)
10. Mothers Corner (1)
  • 1. Nurturing Imagination on Squidoo
    When my boys turned 7 and 4, a dear friend gave them each one of the best gifts they’ve ever received. They were capes, homemade capes made from a silky king-sized bed sheet she had picked up at a yard sale. The capes were copper-colored and trimmed with colorful binding, making them rather exotic-looking – and perfect to use to play dress-up. Over the years, the capes were used to turn my boys into Batman and Robin, two of the three wise men, and many more characters, most ones that they invented, characters too numerous to count. My little Batman and Robin are all grown up now. The little characters they were have turned into wise young men and I truly believe that the opportunities they had to use their imaginations contributed to the wisdom that they exhibit today. Creative make-believe play became an important vehicle for them to learn about life and, indeed, to learn how to be men. Read on to find out how I believe that happened and why, if you have little boys (or girls), nurturing their imaginations with creative play could be one of the most important gifts you give them as they grow up.
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12. Playground and Outdoors (1)
13. Toys (2)
14. Tutoring (0)
15. Other (0)

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